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An Education Coordinator is affiliated with a faculty or study program of a University. These faculties and programs give their own interpretation to the position of Education Coordinator.

Elements that almost always form part of the Education Coordinator's range of duties are: contributing to the development of the education program, monitoring the education process, education organization, student administration, education and study information and secretarial duties of (course or examination) committees.

The Education Coordinator therefore coordinates education both in terms of content (composition of the curriculum) and logistics (distribution of space). His informative role is also broad and extends from compiling the study guide and examination regulations to advising students. He analyzes problems in the educational process and suggests solutions. In his role as secretary, he prepares committee meetings.

Other tasks may include: advising the program management and examination committee, communicating complaints about the study program or faculty, managing student administration staff, providing information to potential students, examining the quality of education, through reports and evaluation by students and monitoring the progress of students.

The Education Coordinator has a varied position at the center of the faculty or study program, bringing him into contact with all stakeholders - from student to management.

Due to the partial overlap with the study advisor, these functions are occasionally combined.

What are the Prospects for Education Coordinators Career?

In recent years, the trend has been for the academic staff of Universities to increase slightly, at the expense of support staff. At the same time, employment at universities is generally increasing. There's a demand for Education Coordinators, but the supply of positions is limited.

This also applies to the career opportunities. Coordinating functions such as these otherwise exist on a roughly equivalent level; Foreign Office employee, student counselor, etc.

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