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Read here a brief summary about draftsmen career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A draftsman is someone who draws. A draftsman makes drawings to sell them. He can work in various forms in drawing and earn money in different ways from his drawings. He can work as a cartoonist (this profession is described separately), work as an illustator, work as a portrait artist at events, fairs and markets or he can work as an art draftsman and have his drawings exhibited and sold to private individuals or companies. The draftsman can also make drawings for commercials or cartoons.

If the draftsman works as a portrait artist, he will draw people's faces at markets, fairs, festivals or events. He knows how to draw the faces perfectly or make a caricature of them. He can also give his own interpretation to someone's face.

As an art draftsman, the draftsman makes drawings that he himself would like to make in the form in which he specializes (for example, drawings of people or environments). The draftsman visits galleries to see if they want to exhibit and sell his art.

As an advertising draftsman, the draftsman works for companies or institutions that hire him to make drawings for their advertisements. Signing advertisements for companies often provides the largest source of income.

In addition, the draftsman can also work as a draftsman for cartoons in which he makes drawings according to a script. These drawings are later animated by an animator and made '' alive ''.

The draftsman is often someone who has turned his hobby into a profession. He can draw well and can earn a living with this. In addition to being able to draw well, the draftsman must also know how to advertise and how to promote himself and play into the hands.

What are the Prospects for Draftsmen Career?

The labor market perspective differs and depends on each draftsman. For example, there is more employment for a draftsman who wants to draw portraits and advertisements and the chance to make a living from art for a draftsman who only wants to exhibit depends on the current financial situation of the country and whether people want to spend money on art.

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