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The Domestic Service Worker, Interior Carer or Cleaner is responsible for cleaning (parts of) the premises or premises of his employer.

The Domestic Service Worker can be deployed almost anywhere; from swimming pool or stadium to school, retirement home or library - everything needs to be cleaned. An Interior Carer generally has permanent spaces and buildings under his wing.

Usually he's employed by the organization or institution for which he works, sometimes it may be that as a temporary worker he keeps changing objects clean. In the larger institutions, the cleaner is often part of a team. There're also interior decorators who clean private homes.

The exact work depends on the client and the type of building. In large buildings, a lot of sanitary facilities have to be cleaned and the floors mopped or vacuumed, in offices desks and monitors have to be removed, the floors in swimming pools have to be sprayed clean, windows cleaned.

Emptying garbage and ashtrays, unpacking dishwashers and watering plants can also be part of the cleaner. In people's homes, it's often specific jobs such as polishing silver and cleaning kitchen cupboards that have to be done.

What are the Prospects for Domestic Service Workers Career?

There's a lot of work for Cleaners, both at organizations and individuals. However, there're no career opportunities due to the unskilled nature of the position.

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