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In view of the current climate of globalization and internationalization, the Director of International Affairs has an important function as a bridge builder within these developments. Due to the importance of the position, the (future) Director must always behave in a representative manner, both during and outside working hours: no appearance of any partiality should be created.

The Director of International Affairs is responsible for the implementation of international agreements within the department and for the implementation of a common vision within the ministry for which the Director works.

The duties of the Director cover the management of his government division with the intention of advising on international cooperation and possible problems in this regard, achieving a single vision on IL within the ministry, streamlining the international actions of the department and managing embassy employees who in charge of International Cooperation. In practice, this results in the management of a group of employees who, on the basis of current affairs, offer an adequate solution to emerging problems, conducting conversations with senior officials about the desired policy (these officials then distribute the information received among their subordinates). and organizing of activities for and guiding international guests or his same citizen people abroad. These guests can be government officials as well as employees of (international) companies and NGOs (Non-governmental Organizations).

The Director of International Affairs usually works from behind his desk, but makes regular working visits to parts of the Ministry, embassies abroad and to international organizations.

What are the Prospects for Director of International Affairs Career?

As Director of International Affairs you'll only remain in office for a few years. After completion of the service period at the relevant government unit, it's usually the case that the former Director of International Affairs takes up a higher civil service position. It's also possible to work in the private sector, where higher wages are often awarded to senior executives.

In the coming years, Directors of International Affairs will continue to be needed at the various ministries, within the framework of Development Cooperation.

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