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Read here a brief summary about dietitians career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Dietitian is a food expert who provides advice and guidance to people who need or want to change their diet. Advice is given, for example, to clients who want to eat healthier. In addition to healthy people, a Dietitian mainly comes into contact with clients who have been referred by doctors. The Dietitian's job is to put together diets for people with illnesses that require a specific diet. For example diabetes, high cholesterol or heart complaints. When drawing up a diet, not only the eating patterns of clients are considered, but also their lifestyle. Within this diet advice, guidance is also offered in its implementation.

A Dietitian comes into contact with people who are overweight or underweight, people with heart complaints, poor metabolism, allergies or kidney disease and healthy people such as athletes who want advice on good eating patterns. It's important that a Dietitian takes into account the habits of patients. For example, meat doesn't fit in a vegetarian's diet. So the diets must be adapted to clients. A dietitian must be a good listener and be able to motivate and coach clients. He can also specialize in information, by giving lectures and offering courses at schools, for example.

A Dietitian can work in a private practice or become salaried at, for example, a hospital, nursing home, home care or an information office. Within his own practice, the Dietitian himself is ultimately responsible for the prescribed diets and may have to go on a home visit. In an institution, this responsibility is shared with other specialists and colleagues and the activities take place within the walls of the institution.

What are the Prospects for Dietitians Career?

There're many opportunities for Dietitians to get a job and you can go to many places.

A Dietitian can grow into a managerial position within an institution or department of a hospital. You can also start your own business.

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