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A Deputy Faculty Director, possibly with one or more other Deputy Directors and a chairman, is part of the Faculty Board of a University of Applied Sciences. He contributes to the performance of the tasks of the faculty board - operational management and determining the course of the faculty - for which the chairman bears ultimate responsibility. This includes the development and implementation of the staff, student and information policy and the financial policy of the faculty. The Deputy Faculty Director therefore has a wide range of tasks that brings him into contact with a variety of subjects. From personnel care and budget to PR and educational quality.

In addition, he has been assigned a number of his own focus areas. The interpretation of this varies per university of applied sciences and faculty. Care for the development and implementation of education, research and services may be divided among the Faculty Board members. The Deputy Faculty Director could then represent a particular education sector and organize external cooperation for this purpose, build relevant networks, guarantee student care, design and manage teaching and research processes and develop curricula.

The Deputy Faculty Director therefore contributes to faculty policy and operational management and is responsible for a demarcated sub-area that could be a specific educational sector.

What are the Prospects for Deputy Faculty Directors Career?

Due to rising student numbers and an aging population, the recruitment needs of universities of applied sciences are increasing. This mainly applies to teaching and support staff. There're few vacancies for management personnel.

The Deputy Faculty Director is almost at the top of the management ladder. He could progress to the position of faculty director or chair of faculty board.

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