Career Overview For Deputy Director of Primary Education


Read here a brief summary about deputy-director-of-primary-education career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Deputy Director performs policy and business support activities at a large primary school (possibly with multiple locations). He arranges practical matters in educational support, such as drawing up the budget, takes care of internal and external communication and other organizational tasks, teaches and participates in student counseling. He also has one or more policy areas under his wing.

The implementation of its policy-related tasks varies per school, but these are also supportive in nature. In the field of education, he can, for example, advise the director on learning objectives and innovation. In personnel management, he can support the director in handling application procedures or monitor the use of the building in the area of ​​housing. Finally, professionalisation is an important part of his job, both his own and that of the team.

He's accountable to the director.

What are the Prospects for Deputy Director of Primary Education Career?

The labor market perspective is reasonable. The number of positions in primary education is increasing, specially for school leaders.

In education, (additional) training is encouraged, which increases the chances of further growth. A deputy director can take several more steps in (overarching) school management. First of all, towards a full management position without teaching duties, as director of a small or larger institution.

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