Career Overview For Database Administrator


Read here a brief summary about database-administrators career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The Database Administrator (DBA) is responsible for configuring and maintaining a database / database. The task of the Database Administrator is to organize and assemble a database in such a way that the company or user can easily and quickly find all the information they need.

The Database Administrator usually compiles the database himself, under the guidance of, for example, a database architect. If the database is running fine, it will keep everything running properly. If something is not working properly, the Database Administrator will fix the problem or implement changes that modernize the database.

In addition to working on the database itself, the Database Administrator also supports the business process, by helping people with the use of the database and always making backups of the data so that people can always continue working.

Speciallywhen changes are made to the database, the Database Administrator has to troubleshoot a lot.

What are the Prospects for Database Administrators Career?

The job market is favorable for the Database Administrator, speciallyif one learns to work with a specific database (eg Oracle or SQL).

It's also possible to grow to a position in management, where one manages (other) Database Administrators.

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