Career Overview For Data Typist


Read here a brief summary about data-typists career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Data Typist enters different types of data on a computer. Depending on the exact position and employer, this may involve entering numbers, labels, titles, or other types of data.

To be able to do this work, one needs knowledge of the computer programs. Depending on the company or institution, the Data Typist will have to deal with multiple systems. It may also be the case that the Data Typist specializes in a certain type of work, such as archiving or statistics.

A Data Typist usually has a part-time appointment, because there isn't enough work to keep working for a long time. The work is therefore usually temporary, which provides a lot of variety. While he will often do much of the same work, and it involves repetitive tasks, the Data Typist does work on many different projects. He often sits at the computer for hours on end and will have to be very disciplined to keep entering the data carefully and accurately.

What are the Prospects for Data Typists Career?

There're only a limited number of options to be able to work as a Data Typist.

Moreover, it's usually temporary work, making it ideal for students. The best chance of work as a Data Typist is therefore through an employment agency. In terms of career opportunities, a Data Typist may be able to work as an archive employee or similar position in data entry without further skills.

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