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Read here a brief summary about controllers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A controller assists the board and management in controlling the financial housekeeping. He supervises financial departments within an organization and sometimes also provides leadership. This depends on the number of years of experience and age.

The controller also takes care of the planning and control cycle within an organization and is responsible for financial reports, investment analyzes, cost settlements, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, budgets, annual accounts and multi-year plans.

The controller also deals with points for improvement in the field of financial management.

He's also responsible for the confidential handling of information about the financial position and results of an organization. He must ensure that no information from an organization leaks out.

The controller has a very varied job, he deals with many things and has many powers. The controller is usually given more powers over the years, it may be that he isn't yet allowed to exercise all powers when he has just started working within an organization.

What are the Prospects for Controllers Career?

There aren't many vacancies that haven't yet been filled for a controller, but there're a large number of requirements that the controller must meet in order to be able to work as a controller, resulting in a scarcity of the number of controllers. Together this means that the labor market perspective is average.

If a controller has just started, he has less authority than someone who has been a controller within an organization for a longer period of time. The controller is given more and more powers in his career.

The controller can continue to grow to become financial director. That's often the second position in an organization, under the general manager.

The growth opportunities are very good for a controller. A controller can also choose to continue as a self-employed person, for example in an interim finance assignment

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