Career Overview For Contractor


Read here a brief summary about contractors career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Contractor is someone who is involved in the organization on the construction site. This concerns the Construction and Infrastructure sectors (bridges, (water) roads, underground networks ). The Contractor organizes activities, manages personnel and monitors the time schedule, quality and budget.

The Contractor determines which materials and how many employees are needed. The Contractor organizes the work in the workplace, puts people in the right place and directs them. The Contractor is supported in this by the Project Manager, the Work Planner, the Personnel Organizer and the Management. If a Contractor works for a small company, he often works on odd jobs himself.

The Contractor keeps an eye on whether everything is going according to plan. If work starts too slowly, it's up to the Contractor to find a solution to clear the backlog. For example, he will deploy more staff.

What are the Prospects for Contractors Career?

The labor market prospects for a Contractor strongly depend on the economic situation. In a bad economy, construction is particularly hit and miss and jobs are lost. In a good economy, however, the Contractor can generally obtain a construction well, provided he has the right knowledge.

With good performance and years of experience, the Contractor can grow to be Main Contractor or Project Manager.

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