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Read here a brief summary about conservators career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The Conservator is responsible for ensuring that a collection of objects of artistic or scientific value is in good condition. Usually a Conservator works in a museum, but there are also objects outside museums of such value that a Conservator is used to monitor their condition.

The Conservator isn't only responsible for the management of the valuable objects, but often also plays an important role in their display and purchase. To this end, the Conservator visits, among other things, exhibitions outside his own museum, at home and abroad.

Both permanent and temporary collections are put in order under the direction of the Conservator, with attention to the objects themselves and the visitor target group. The Conservator coordinates the activities and directs the employees. In addition, the Conservator is charged with (supervising) the compilation of informative publications, in which the exhibition is placed in its context and its purpose is explained to the public.

In addition to coordination and information, the preservation of the good condition of the objects is also the responsibility of the Conservator. He must take into account factors such as temperature and humidity in the exhibition areas (or the depot) and examine and determine the condition of objects. Especially in the case of new acquisitions, up-to-date information about the condition of the property is required to maintain quality. The Trustee therefore always keeps an eye on all relevant developments in his field.

What are the Prospects for Conservators Career?

There aren't many vacancies for Conservators. It's therefore important to stand out, for example by publishing a lot. There're further growth opportunities only in the large museums, where it's possible to take on more responsibilities and possibly become Head of Collection. A well-specialized conservator can also lend his expertise to other museums and participate as a guest conservator on exhibitions related to his specialism.

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