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Read here a brief summary about conductors career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A conductor is in charge of a choir, orchestra or other type of music company, and must see to it that everyone sings or plays in harmony and fulfills their task at the right time. To do this work, a conductor will need an excellent ear for music. Every little change and wrong note needs to be heard in order to punish the culprit and get better.

In order to be able to lead a large group of people and learn to play with each other, a conductor will spend a lot of time rehearsing the piece of music, so that it sounds perfect during the performance. The conductor isn't only the person who sets the beat, but also the interpretation of the music. The same piece can be played in many ways, and the conductor chooses how this is done, and thus which atmosphere and emotions are conveyed to the audience. To be able to do this, the conductor will need to have knowledge of his audience and the many options from which they can choose.

Despite the general image people have of conductors, one doesn't need to wave a baton to lead. One can also convey to the musicians with his hands what is expected of them, in a way that suits the tone of the piece of music. This can cost more energy than people think, which means that the conductor himself must be in good shape.

Each conductor has his own way of conducting, and each piece of music is therefore different, depending on the imagination of the conductor.

What are the Prospects for Conductors Career?

The best way to be asked as a conductor is to start out as a musician and exhibit excellent hearing and leadership qualities. One can also volunteer for, for example, a church choir group. When one has initially achieved success, more work and a hopefully growing reputation will follow.

From a position as a conductor one can choose to become a composer or train other people.

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