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Read here a brief summary about communication-officers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The Communications Officer is responsible for the understanding (or relationship) between a company and the outside world. It's important that the image of a company is clear and positive to the outside world. It's the task of the Communication Officer to ensure that the public gets and maintains a positive image of the company.

In consultation with the management, the Communication Officer draws up a communication policy and keeps an eye on developments within the company. The Communication Officer also advises the board in their communication to the press or other interest groups. Furthermore, the Communication Officer may be asked to function as a contact person for a specific group (eg business department), and thus to give speeches and answer questions within the established policy frameworks.

At large companies, the Communication Officer is also responsible for the provision of information to (other) employees. In this way, the company also keeps abreast of relevant developments and the vision of the board of communication and organizational policy. Communication is essential, both direct and through press releases or newsletters.

The duties of Communication Employees also occasionally include preparing for and participating in conferences, where they have to take the lead as liaison for the company. It's important that the Communication Officer takes the initiative to ensure the continued existence of the positive image of his company.

What are the Prospects for Communication Officers Career?

There're plenty of vacancies for Communication Employees. In addition, the Communication Officer can also find good work or change jobs through networking, something that must be mastered anyway.

By gaining experience and following training it's also possible to grow into more specialized or managerial positions.

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