Career Overview For Client Advisor


Read here a brief summary about client-advisors career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The Client Advisor answers questions from clients and advises clients on the products and services that the organization offers. Various types of organizations have Client Advisors and the exact tasks of a Customer Adviser therefore also depend on the type of organization where the Customer Adviser works.

The Client Advisor answers questions from customers personally, by telephone and by e-mail. This can be about orders or more information about a product or service. Complaints also often arrive at the Client Advisor and must be dealt with. In addition, the Client Advisor can also inform the client in a conversation about the purchase of extra products or services. Selling services and products isn't the main goal, but it can come to the fore in a good conversation.

The Client Advisor must have good social and communication skills for this because there's a lot of contact with the customer. Questions and complaints must be handled expertly and professionally, both by telephone and e-mail. In addition, the Client Advisor must also have good computer skills. Often the tasks of the Client Advisor also include administrative activities.

What are the Prospects for Client Advisors Career?

Many (larger) organizations have a contact center where various Customer Advisers work. There's therefore sufficient demand for Client Advisors.

To begin with, one can first become a Client Advisor in training and later move on to the position of Client Advisor.

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