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Read here a brief summary about class-assistants career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Class Assistant performs supportive and domestic work in special (secondary) education at the instruction of the teacher . Caring activities, such as tying shoelaces and helping with washing hands, guiding students through gym or therapeutic exercises and supervising and supervising are among his tasks.

In addition, he prepares and cleans up teaching materials and guides students on their way to other locations, for example for gym. He offers, as it were, the necessary extra pair of hands in class.

The Class Assistant can function on two levels. In some cases, performing simple educational support tasks - for example helping groups of students to complete an assignment - is also part of the job.

The care tasks therefore have a more extensive character, with, for example, supervision of medication use and support in the use of medical equipment. Moreover, this Class Assistant is expected to play a greater role in stimulating and motivating students.

What are the Prospects for Class Assistants Career?

The number of workstations for Class Assistants is growing, but the same is true for the number of Class Assistants. The future is therefore uncertain.

There're growth opportunities. For the Class Assistant without educational tasks, growth to Class Assistant 'plus' is possible. He / she can think about the Teaching Assistant position , which is more substantive but otherwise of the same level. Training courses can ultimately bring the Class Assistant to the classroom.

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