Career Overview For Civil Engineer


Read here a brief summary about civil-engineers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Civil Engineer is engaged in the design, realization and maintenance of objects in the ground, such as buildings, bridges or tunnels and the like. A Civil Engineer isn't only responsible for the design of structures. Advising and managing employees and keeping an eye on the financial progress of projects is also part of the duties of the Civil Engineer.

A Civil Engineer is given a lot of freedom of movement and responsibilities. Usually, a Civil Engineer works independently with their own budget with a manager or direct supervisor to direct who is responsible.

It's a versatile profession that requires technical and managerial skills. The most important tasks of the civil engineer are determining the feasibility of a project, consulting with (government) administrators, drawing up requirements for the design of a structure, budgeting work, executing tenders, managing the work and leading a team.

What are the Prospects for Civil Engineers Career?

When things are going well economically, tender budgets will be much larger than draft budgets. If the economy is against it, it's the other way round and loss must be accepted.

The career opportunities are good for a Civil Engineer. The Civil Engineer can progress to a higher or senior position within their own organization. In addition, the Civil Engineer can grow outside the organization to, for example, head of the technical service or another managerial position. In addition, the Civil Engineer can always start for himself and be hired by companies.

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