Career Overview For Childminder


Read here a brief summary about childminders career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A childminder is someone who takes care of children in the environment of his or her own home or at the child's home. Host parents look after the children of people who work or study.

Usually, a childminder is allowed to look after a maximum of six children at the same time, but most childminders in practice only fit one or two children at a time. However, this can be during the day as well as at night. It's a fairly flexible job.

A childminder can fulfill the function of a babysitter, at his or her home or at the child's home, or a childminder can become a kind of small day-care center and have six children in the house at the same time.

The responsibilities of childminders do not go beyond looking after children, they do not fulfill any further functions as a foster parent does, for example. Many childminders register with a childminder agency. A childminder agency assesses whether the childminder is knowledgeable enough, and then brings them into contact with parents. Host parents are therefore not employed by a childminder agency, and are also paid by the parents, not by the agency.

What are the Prospects for Childminders Career?

The labor market prospects for childminders are favorable, but a full-time job as a childminder isn't for everyone. Many childminders only look after one child at a time, or only two or three days a week, and combine it with other work. There're actually no career opportunities. As a childminder you mainly develop experience in helping care and welfare, which can be useful later when applying for other positions in this sector.

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