Career Overview For Chief Nurse


Read here a brief summary about chief-nurse career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The chief nurse has ultimate responsibility for a nursing ward in a hospital or medical center. The chief nurse is in charge of the team of nurses and also carries out some of the executive nursing duties.

The chief nurse is in charge of the nurses, other staff on the ward and the interns. The chief nurse develops the policy framework, distributes tasks, manages budgets and ensures the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of nursing care. The chief nurse ensures that the department runs smoothly, that mutual relationships are good and that the care for the patients is as optimal as possible.

In addition, the chief nurse also performs executive nursing duties. The chief nurse identifies problems with the patient's health and makes an inventory of the patient's wishes and needs. The chief nurse provides nursing care and keeps medical records. Advising the patient is also part of the job description of the Chief Nurse.

The duties of the chief nurse therefore include both managerial and caring duties. The position of chief nurse is therefore a diverse position that includes a great deal of responsibility. The Chief Nurse must take care of the patient's health as well as a properly running department.

What are the Prospects for Chief Nurse Career?

There's enough work for the chief nurse. Usually, the chief nurse starts as a nurse on a ward and later grows up to the position of chief nurse.

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