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Read here a brief summary about chefs career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Chef can work in a restaurant, hotel or eatery, but also in the kitchen of an institution such as a nursing home. This description concerns the description of the profession of Chef in a restaurant or hotel. However, the competencies of Chef in different settings are largely the same. However, the activities depend on the formula of the company for which the Chef works.

The Chef is in charge of the kitchen staff. The coordination of the daily routine in the kitchen is his responsibility. He distributes tasks among the kitchen staff and monitors the progress and quality of the work. The Chef hereby provides instructions and directions. It's important that he supervises compliance with legal regulations in the field of safety and hygiene.

In addition, the Chef puts together the menu and implements the kitchen's purchasing policy: he makes purchasing plans and orders the necessary ingredients in good time. During the day, preparations are made for the preparation of the dishes, such as pre-cutting vegetables. In the evening, the Chef, together with the other chefs, ensures that the dishes are prepared and served to the guests on time. Monitoring this flow is also one of his responsibilities.

Another important aspect of the Chef's job is financial management. He draws up budgets for the kitchen and distributes budgets across the kitchen departments. He also makes and supervises the progress of department plans. Finally, he's responsible for the implementation of the personnel policy. He determines how much staff is needed and ensures sufficient staffing. The Chef often cooperates in the selection and training of new employees.

What are the Prospects for Chefs Career?

The Chef has the opportunity to grow into manager of the restaurant. A Chef can also eventually become an entrepreneur himself and set up a catering company.

The job market for Chefs is generally good. The vacancy rate in the hospitality industry is higher than in other industries. Employment in the hotel and catering industry does depend on the economic situation. We still see a growth in the number of hotels, so the number of hotel vacancies continues to increase.

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