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Read here a brief summary about chef-tour-leader career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


As the Chef Tour Leader you represent the travel organization you work for at the holiday destination. You're the point of contact for customers, service providers and tour guides.

In addition to guiding the guests once they're at their destination, receiving and arranging the transfer, a Chef tour leader also supervises the tour leaders.

Once guests are at their destination, the tour guide is their point of contact. They arrange regular meetings and can be found regularly in the hotels for when people need them. But if the tour leader needs help with something, can't find a solution, has complaints, etc., you as the Chef Tour Leader are their contact person on site.

Even if people have complaints, it may be that this will end up with the Chef Tour Leader through the tour guide and you must handle them to everyone's satisfaction.

Finally, there's also quite a bit of administrative work involved in the position of Chef Tour Leader.

What are the Prospects for Chef Tour Leader Career?

Vacancies for a Chef Tour Leader are difficult to find. There're vacancies for a job as a tour guide , but they're not very abundant either. This is partly because it's a relatively popular profession and there's therefore a lot of supply on the market.

When you have built up several years of experience as a tour guide, it's possible to move on to the position of Chef tour leader assistant and later Chef tour leader. Usually you do not start directly in the position of Chef Tour Leader. As a Chef Tour Guide you're already quite high on the ladder and growth is more difficult. However, the number of guests you accompany and the number of tour guides you lead may differ per organization and per destination. So you can still grow a bit in that.

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