Career Overview For Catering Employee


Read here a brief summary about catering-employees career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A catering employee facilitates and supports the catering at all kinds of events. The catering employee is deployed at various locations, making it a versatile job. Think of corporate parties at the office or in catering establishments, private parties such as weddings, (sports) events in stadiums or large halls, gala dinners and other chic gatherings.

As a catering employee, responsibility is taken for providing food and drinks to the guests of the event. Due to the versatility of a job as a catering employee, it's required that he can be deployed in various positions. For example, a catering employee can't only be responsible for serving food and snacks, but can also stand behind the bar, help with buffets, support the wardrobe and many other related catering related matters.

Catering staff are often very flexible and can therefore work on many different days of the week. Working hours also vary a lot and can often run out, usually in the evening. A catering employee is also willing to do a lot of physical work, such as helping to set up and dismantle supplies such as tables and chairs before and after the event.

What are the Prospects for Catering Employees Career?

The labor market perspective is very seasonal and also dependent on the economic cycle. Because a lot of work is done at special events that are often the first to be scrapped or stripped down in times of cutbacks, the demand for catering staff can vary greatly.

In general, however, there's always a demand for catering staff.

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