Career Overview For Catering Assistant


Read here a brief summary about catering-assistants career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Catering Assistant works at a Catering Company, such as a restaurant, café, hotel or fast service company. The Catering Assistant assists the catering staff with all kinds of activities. In a café or restaurant, the tasks of a Catering Assistant are, for example, preparing the furniture, setting up the terrace and setting the tables. The 'mise en place' also falls under his duties. These are the preparatory activities, so that dinner can run smoothly later in the evening, for example; for example preparing plates and cutlery and folding napkins.

A Catering Assistant can also work in the kitchen, where he washes and cuts ingredients, replenishes supplies or tidies up the workplace and washes kitchen utensils. A Catering Assistant who works in a fast-service company has tasks such as clearing the display case, squeezing fruit juice or filling sandwiches. It's also his job to replenish the buffet stocks and attributes such as cutlery. A Catering Assistant often works behind the scenes.

Yet it also happens that the Catering Assistant comes into contact with the guests of the catering facility and performs simple operating tasks under supervision. Finally, an important task of the Catering Assistant is cleaning the work environment when the guests have left.

What are the Prospects for Catering Assistants Career?

The position of Catering Assistant is a starting position within the catering industry. He therefore offers many career opportunities. This makes it possible to grow into a service employee or host / hostess in a restaurant. It's also possible to enter the kitchen and continue learning to be a cook. As a hospitality assistant, one can grow as far as desired in different directions within the hospitality industry. However, further training is often necessary for this.

The hospitality labor market is generally good. The vacancy rate in the hospitality industry is higher than in other industries. The demand for qualified personnel within the hospitality industry is always quite high. For example, with a diploma in the hospitality industry, people will be hired faster than an unskilled candidate.

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