Career Overview For Caterer


Read here a brief summary about caterers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Caterer prepares fresh meals and sells them in a Traiterie or delivers them to customers, such as companies or individuals.

For example, Caterer makes tasty dishes, soups, sandwiches and meals. Caterer also makes buffets for parties and receptions. The Caterer will always have to be creative to offer something extra and to be better than competitors. Caterer comes up with new products and new presentation options. He responds to the wishes of customers and culinary trends.

The Caterer is also engaged in, among other things, advising the customer, managing the stock, marketing, administration and cleaning and disinfection. The Caterer strictly adheres to hygiene rules and Meat Products Act.

What are the Prospects for Caterers Career?

There're quite a few vacancies for Caterers. Still, in a bad economy, people will more often choose to prepare their own food for a party or to get something ready-made from a supermarket. This affects the number of vacancies or the chance of starting a successful business yourself.

When they function properly, a Caterer can be given more and more responsibilities and managerial tasks. The Caterer can climb up to Chef or start his own business. A Caterer with his own business can expand, specialize in one kitchen or expand his range, or offer workshops, for example. A Caterer can also provide serving services to large (r) parties. A Caterer then also works as a Catering Manager.

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