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Read here a brief summary about buyers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The Buyer is responsible for a company's purchasing policy. The buyer determines what the company needs and, in contacts with suppliers, ensures that he gets the best possible deal.

The Buyer determines in consultation which goods exactly must be purchased and searches for the most suitable suppliers. The Buyer selects suppliers on the basis of the best price-quality ratio. Then he negotiates with the salespeople and guides the delivery process, while other people handle the paperwork. The Buyer balances between closing the best deal for the company and maintaining a good relationship with the supplier.

He therefore has strategic insight, which, together with current knowledge of product, delivery and supplier, makes the ideal Buyer. Information and tactics are indispensable in (price) negotiations.

Buyers are needed in almost every industry, enabling them to work for many different types of companies and come into contact with many different products. It's therefore more important to have broad than specialist knowledge. When one ends up in a certain industry, the deepening and with it a usable network usually comes naturally.

As a starter, the Buyer is an active, goal-oriented negotiator.

What are the Prospects for Buyers Career?

With a good background, it's normally not a problem to start as a Buyer, although there are sometimes sectors that are less represented on the labor market. This fluctuates; in general there are always plenty of jobs to be found. With sufficient work experience, one can eventually grow to become Head of Purchasing.

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