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Read here a brief summary about butchers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Butcher is an expert in meat and sometimes poultry. A butcher can independently entrepreneur, but can also be employed to work at a large butcher. An entrepreneur with his own business will naturally have more responsibilities than a salaried butcher. The Butcher slaughters the animals in large butchers. Small butchers who are self-employed are supplied with the meat.

A Butcher processes the meat in the butcher shop into a final product for the consumer. The meat is delivered in large pieces, after which the butcher processes the meat and proportions it for sale.

Certain meat products are made in the butcher shop, such as sausage or minced meat. The Butcher grinds the meat with special machines and adds ingredients, such as herbs. The Butcher uses a stuffing machine to fill sausage. The Butcher is also responsible for the purchase of products and the management of the stock. He knows exactly how long the products can be kept and ensures that only fresh products are in the store. In the shop, the Butcher helps customers by weighing and packaging the products. He also advises customers when necessary about, for example, the preparation of the meat.

Naturally, the Butcher is aware of hygiene regulations and strictly complies with them. He's responsible for keeping the workplace, materials and machines clean.

Many Butchers are also caterers at the same time. This means that ready-made products such as soup, stew on quiches are also sold. A Butcher-caterer devises and prepares these products. When a Butcher is an entrepreneur himself, he composes the range himself. Naturally, the wishes of the customers are taken into account.

What are the Prospects for Butchers Career?

As a salaried butcher it's possible to start your own butcher shop and thus become an entrepreneur. It's also possible as a Butcher to expand into a Butcher-caterer with an extensive range and thus offer several ready-made products.

Butchers are increasingly losing out to the meat departments in the supermarket. The turnover of butchers therefore fell again in 2010. However, the number of jobs in this industry remains fairly stable.

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