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Read here a brief summary about business-controllers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Business Controller assists the management of a company in controlling its financial affairs. He's mainly concerned with the planning and control cycle within a company, which consists of financial reports, investment analyzes, cost settlements, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, budgets, annual accounts and multi-year planning. Another important task is to improve operational processes and controls. A Business Controller often works in the banking sector, but also sometimes outside of it.

A Business Controller is also concerned with optimizing management. He examines options for taking management in a company to a higher level and draws up plans for this.

Operating planning is also one of the tasks of the Business Controller. Determining the current position of a company, the desired position of a company, how to get there and how progress can be measured in this are questions that the Business Controller deals with. It's essential to determine a clear goal and the ability to measure the degree of progress.

What are the Prospects for Business Controllers Career?

As a fully-fledged Business Controller someone has come a long way, with training and gaining work experience. Once you meet the requirements, there're plenty of offers. The position of Business Controller is performed within many companies and the number of people who meet all conditions is small. There's more demand than supply.

The career opportunities are fairly limited, but there're still there. A Business Controller can fulfill a board position, he can become CFO or maybe even CEO. In addition, if he functions well, he can switch to a larger company that pays him more and gives him more responsibilities.

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