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Read here a brief summary about bus-drivers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Bus Driver is someone who drives a bus intended for passenger transport. These buses can serve as public transport, for example city or regional buses, but coaches of, for example, travel organizations must also be driven. A bus driver who drives is also a Coach Driver said.

A bus driver is responsible for the timely, safe and comfortable transportation of travelers. In public transport, the bus driver is also responsible for the transport ticket check. On a coach, the bus driver is also (partly) responsible for entertaining travelers.

You can find bus drivers on the following types of buses:

- Public transport bus
- School bus
- Disabled bus
- Coach

What does a bus driver do?

Besides driving and maintaining a large vehicle, dealing with different people is an important part of the bus driver's job. With scheduled services, he must, for example, check or sell tickets. The bus driver must also maintain order in the bus. Open and close the doors and provide travel information.

A bus driver in public transport may encounter aggressive passengers, whom he must be able to approach tactfully. An adequate response is also expected from the bus driver in the event of accidents with or on the bus. The various calamities make the work of the bus driver difficult and not without risks. He must therefore be firmly in his shoes, be able to deal well with people and be able to make decisions quickly.

Bus drivers who work in the city or town run regular services, which usually means driving the same line all day. However, it's also possible to work as a substitute in a flex pool and to work changing shifts, depending on the leave or illness of colleagues.

A coach driver can also be the tour leader at the same time. In addition to transport, this driver is also responsible for guiding and entertaining the group of passengers.

The duties of a Bus Driver are:

- Driving the bus safely and pleasantly
- Stopping at the correct time at the intended locations or stops
- Informing travelers (about travel time, stops and destination)
- Ticket control (in public transport)
- Tidying up and keeping the bus clean and taking care of maintenance
- Take adequate action in case of calamities or accidents
- Monitor the orderly behavior of travelers and intervene if necessary
- Entertaining the travelers (on a coach)

What are the Prospects for Bus Drivers Career?

There are more than enough opportunities to find a job as a Bus Driver, but there are hardly any opportunities to grow from a job as a Bus Driver.

One can become a different kind of driver, for example a taxi or truck driver, or a bus driver coordinator, but not much more without additional training.

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