Career Overview For Building Manager


Read here a brief summary about building-managers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


Building management falls under the discipline Facility Management. Facility Management ensures the best possible working conditions for the staff of a company. One of the facility processes within an organization is building management.

A building manager ensures that the building and all installations are properly maintained, so that safety and health are guaranteed.

A building manager draws up a management vision and multi-year maintenance plan for the company. He determines which installations or parts need to be replaced or repaired and makes a planning and budget for this.

The building manager is responsible for the maintenance of installations such as heating and cooling installations and ventilation systems, sanitary and electrical installations. He ensures that broken devices are repaired, installations are regularly tested and faults are resolved.

The building manager hires specialists, such as installers, and checks their work. In addition, the building manager can determine which materials must be located where in the company.

What are the Prospects for Building Managers Career?

Not all companies have a building manager, so finding a job can be difficult. The larger companies do have a building manager, so you can often find work there. However, most companies only hire building managers with experience. It can therefore be difficult to find a job, specially for novice building managers.

After years of experience, a building manager can start work at increasingly larger companies or get a higher position within the company. A building manager can also increase his chances on the labor market by means of courses.

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