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Read here a brief summary about brand-managers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The Brand Manager is responsible for improving the market position of an existing company or product, or introducing a new product to the market. To this end, he leads a team of professionals from different disciplines and from different departments. He coordinates the activities and is ultimately responsible for the project.

Both for the launch of a new product and for the renewed marketing of an existing product, research must be carried out into the wishes of the consumer. The product is developed on the basis of quantitative and qualitative market research. The Brand Manager oversees this creative process of product development and then actively participates in its implementation. Aspects that are involved in the realization of a product concept include the financial picture, the communication and marketing strategy - and ultimate sales. The Brand Manager never loses sight of the wishes of the consumer.

More precise areas of focus for the Brand Manager are, for example, the design of the packaging of a product, the content of advertising messages, the desired image of the company or product and the analysis of market research. The Brand Manager may visit points of sale to monitor the consumer's needs. In addition to short-term objectives (marketing a product, increasing sales figures), the Brand Manager also keeps an eye on the long term. He's always up to date with all developments in his product and will do everything he can to stay ahead of the competition.

The Brand Manager is the person who brings the different employees from various departments (sales, product development, planning, advertising agencies) together in a team and ensures that all activities are carried out with the same goal in mind. In addition, he makes an important contribution to (the analysis of) the market research that forms the basis for the marketing of the product. He must therefore have leadership qualities as well as be strong in terms of content, with a feeling for consumer needs.

What are the Prospects for Brand Managers Career?

There're vacancies for Brand Managers, but not many. However, the high level of education and the desired work experience mean that the number of potential employees is quite small.

As a Brad Manager you can acquire more seniority and lead a department with multiple Brand Managers. You can also take on a new project each time, with a greater reach, more employees and greater responsibility.

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