Career Overview For Back Office Employee


Read here a brief summary about back-office-employees career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The Back office employee works within the Back office of an organization or institution. In contrast to the Front Office employee, there's little or no customer contact.

The specific tasks of the Back Office employee are highly dependent on the type of organization or department that's worked for. For example, the back office of a small IT company will be set up differently than that of a multinational.

Broadly speaking, it means that a Back Office employee provides background (administrative) support to the services of an organization or department. Examples of common support activities are preparing quotations and contracts, checking stock, drawing up invoices, entering data and managing business files.Executive secretary. Sometimes a Back office employee is expected to think along about improving internal organizational processes or the application of Back office systems.

What are the Prospects for Back Office Employees Career?

A back office employee with a (subject-specific) training and a number of years of work experience has quite a few opportunities on the labor market. Administrative employees are always needed and are therefore constantly in demand. However, the staff supply is also large because the content of the position is often not very specialized.

That's why a relatively large number of people are eligible for such a job. Internally, a Back Office employee can progress to a managerial position (such as Department Head or Office Manager) or develop in a different direction (for example, from supporting a Sales department to supporting a P&O department).

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