Career Overview For Assistant Accountant


Read here a brief summary about assistant-accountant career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


An Assistant Accountant usually works at a (large) accountancy firm. Here we work for various clients. These customers have their own business. The Assistant Accountant carries out the implementation and / or control of the financial administration and accounting activities. The Assistant Accountant also draws up the balance sheet and does the tax return. For example, the Assistant Accountant tries to ensure that the customer has to pay as little tax as possible.

The Assistant Accountant has a lot of contact with the customer. The customer wants to be kept well informed of developments. It's also important that everything is arranged on time, for example, the tax return must be made before a certain date. This often results in peak moments in the work of the Assistant Accountant.

Because the Assistant Accountant is often simultaneously working with several customers, the Assistant Accountant must be able to switch well and quickly and keep an overview. The work is usually routine, but due to the variety of customers the work is varied.

What are the Prospects for Assistant Accountant Career?

There's a relatively high demand for the work performed by an accountancy firm. Companies want to have their financial administration in order and often call in an accountancy firm for this.

By gaining work experience and any additional training / courses, an Assistant Accountant can grow within the company or to another company. The Assistant Accountant is often motivated by the employer to continue to learn and to grow. The Assistant Accountant can also develop into an Accountant.

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