Career Overview For Assistant Account Manager


Read here a brief summary about assistant-account-managers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


Where the Account Manager is the first point of contact for customers and invests a large part of his time in customer contact, it's the Assistant Account Manager who facilitates this customer contact. He assists the Account Manager with portfolio planning, advises and prepares sales discussions. In addition, the Assistant Account Manager keeps the account manager's administration up to date and registers sales in a customer information system.

Often the Assistant Account Manager also has contact with customers and performs activities of the Account Manager (within set frameworks). This means that he acquires customers, advises these customers and sells various products or services, such as payment, non-life insurance, consumer financing, savings and investments. After having worked as Assistant Account Manager for some time (approx. Two years), the Assistant could grow into the position of Account Manager.

The exact content of the position differs per sector.

What are the Prospects for Assistant Account Managers Career?

There're many vacancies for Assistant Account Managers, but due to the diversity of education levels and directions, there are also many potential applicants.

As Assistant Account Manager you will gain relevant work experience in finance, among other things, which means you can go in different directions. The most obvious possibility is that of growing to an account manager, which gives you more responsibilities and a higher salary.

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