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Read here a brief summary about archivists career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


An Archivist manages and maintains an archive and makes it transparent and accessible to the public. The Archivist can work for any organization that has an interest in retaining outdated information. He not only works for museums, libraries or city and municipal archives, but can also work at law firms, publishers or banks. On the basis of a system - possibly designed by himself - the Archivist organizes all kinds of information, from photos and letters to sales certificates, minutes, maps and magazines. He determines what has value and is preserved and where it ends up.

If he finds gaps in the collection, the Archivist may proceed to collect the missing items. He monitors the content and structure of the archive and always takes the accessibility for other users into account when building and organizing it. If the archiving system isn't satisfactory, the Archivist makes adjustments in consultation with colleagues. Depending on the archive, the Archivist will have to process information requests or help visitors find the desired documents.

In larger archives the Archivist will sometimes play an educational role by giving guided tours to interested parties or information to students and by curating exhibitions. Finally, he's able to independently conduct archival research or play a supporting role in this.

Personal interests can influence the choice of an archive. Conversely, the archive may require affinity with the archived, or special skills such as being able to read old manuscripts.

Archives are no longer always tangible. The Archivist can also deal with a digital archive or the digitization of an archive.

What are the Prospects for Archivists Career?

While the aging population is also affecting archives, programs related to information provision are attracting fewer and fewer students. The outlook on the labor market is therefore reasonable. Growth opportunities vary per organization, but mainly concern advancement to managerial positions. This could include Head of the Information Services Department or ultimately director of an archive.

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