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Read here a brief summary about architects career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The Architect is responsible for the design of a building. Architects almost always work on commission, which means that the creative freedom of movement varies. The Architect interprets an assignment and tries to incorporate the wishes of the customer and his own knowledge and insight into a design.

Based on conversations (or other contact) with a client, the Architect starts sketching. Architects often work in teams and often provide several sketches, so that a client has options. Often a first sketch has to be adjusted on the instructions of the client. When sketching, an Architect not only keeps an eye on aesthetic points, but also takes into account the function of the building to be designed. After all, the function determines such things as accessibility, the desired incidence of light, the number of rooms and influences, for example, the choice of material. The Architect creates, as it were, a professional version of a client's ideas, or has plenty of space to insert his own ideas.

Once the sketch has been accepted by the client, it must be converted into a drawing that the engineers and contractors can use. Designs must therefore be feasible.

Furthermore, the Architect sometimes has an advisory role. Although the Architect will often be busy designing a building, he can also design separate rooms or additions and renovations. Most Architects specialize in certain designs (houses, public space). Other specialties are garden or interior design.

What are the Prospects for Architects Career?

At the moment there are not many opportunities to start as an Architect, because the construction is still in the process of repairing. This doesn't mean that there are no options at all.

You can always start as an intern at an architectural firm or start your own firm. As an Architect one can grow further to become a Senior Architect and team leader, and thus gain an increasingly higher position in the architectural firm.

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