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Read here a brief summary about administrative-assistants career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


An Administrative Employee or Administrator works at or is responsible for the (financial) administration of an organization. An Administrative Assistant is the person who mainly performs support activities and an Administrator is the person who also bears the responsibility. In small organizations it's often one person who fulfills both roles.

In a small company, all administrative tasks will be done by the Administrative Assistant. This person is actually an accountant who keeps track of all payments and arranges the financial correspondence both inside and outside the company. In that case we therefore speak more about an Administrator or Business Administrator, because he / she bears the responsibility for the administration.

At a larger company, several Administrative Employees will work in a secretarial or financial-administrative department. They are then accountable to the Administrator who then has the position of Head of Administration.

The profession Administrative Assistant is also a job group that includes several positions or professions:

Employee business administration or payroll

This Administrative Employee is responsible for the correct processing and storage of financial transactions. This can be invoice administration and debtor management, but also payroll and / or purchase administration.

Secretary or Admin

This Administrative Assistant has more of a supporting role for the management of the organization or specific departments such as the sales department. It's more about processing and / or drafting communication and correspondence. Depending on the place in the organization, other responsibilities and expectations are also added. He or she will also have more frequent contact with customers and suppliers.

Receptionist / Front-office employee / operator:

For this Administrative Employee, the share of human contact is often much greater than the person who does the payroll. This concerns the reception of visitors and handling telephone traffic. There're also administrative matters such as recording customer contact, deliveries and issues.

The larger the organization, the more specialization there's for the Administrative Assistant or Administrator. In small organizations you see that this role often also goes towards the profession of Office Manager, who also has the role of Administrator or Head of Administration.

What does an Administrative Assistant do?

The precise tasks and responsibilities of an administrative employee therefore depend strongly on the organization where he or she works. There's more and more specialization in this job group. There're also commercial administrative employees whose role also goes more towards that of sales support. In general terms, the activities can be divided into two groups.

Financial administrative tasks

- Taking care of and maintaining the accounts receivable administration and accounts payable administration
- Taking care of and maintaining the salary administration
- Keeping track of and processing purchase and / or sales transactions
- Keeping the personnel administration up to date

Depending on the responsibility of the administrative assistant, this also includes checking the accounts and administration. It's important for an Administrator or Head of Administration that he / she has a good overview of all income and expenditure and can provide current insight into this on a daily basis.

Secretarial administrative tasks:

- Arranging and maintaining telephone and digital correspondence
- Agenda management and making appointments
- Taking care of and processing incoming and outgoing mail
- Receiving and caring for visitors and guests
- Handling incoming and outgoing goods

Here too, tasks and responsibilities vary widely. In some cases this also goes towards the role of office manager or executive secretary

What are the Prospects for Administrative Assistants Career?

Because the profession of Administrator / Administrative assistant can be fulfilled in many ways, there're plenty of opportunities on the job market to find a job. There're therefore many different vacancies for Administrative Assistant.

In addition, the Administrative Assistant can also work his way up to become an accountant or head of administration, and thus be given more responsibility and better working conditions.

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