Career Overview For Ad Setter


Read here a brief summary about ad-setters career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The Ad Setter is literally engaged in placing ads. Advertisements are publications in, for example, a newspaper or magazine that are intended to convince people to take a certain action. Think of buying a specific item or participating in a specific promotion.

In the past, the Ad typesetter was engaged in the manufacture of hand-set types for the advertisements. The Ad typesetter made movable letters, lines, white, clichés and vignettes from machine-set tiles. The handwritings to be produced are hand letters (lead letters) that are placed in the correct order by the Advertisement Setter. The letters are taken out of the cupboard and placed in the correct order in the hook. Then a line is put on a galley and the number of lines is tied up with a string. The result of this is called a hand press.

Today, this work is no longer done in this way. The profession of Advertising Setter as such no longer exists and has now been absorbed into other professions. There're still a few Ad Setters working, but they're concerned with the graphical side of the typesetting and coding of advertisements. This is all done digitally. This work is therefore often done by graphic designers.

What are the Prospects for Ad Setters Career?

The profession of Ad typesetter is almost non-existent. The work now usually falls under the duties of the graphic designer. The vacancy offer for this is average.

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