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An illegal act is one that is contrary to a law, to a written norm and contained in a code of laws.

Illegality doesn't have to have any moral or ethical overtones, it's simply something contrary to a written law. That an act is found as contrary to a law in the case of illegality doesn't have to be motivated because it's something immoral, an example:

A rule requires us to drive on a road at a maximum of 100 km / h, it will be illegal and will have its consequences if we drive at 110 km / h on that road, but the motivation of that rule isn't immorality or justice.

Illegal acts will have legal consequences or retaliation, that is, they will be punished as indicated by the law itself that has been violated by that action. A basic consequence of illegality is the nullity of the act that caused the illegality.

Nothing can be illegal if that action isn't included in a legal norm, this is known as the principle of legality, and nothing that is legal (that is, it's not prohibited by a norm) may have legal retaliation.

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