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The hiring is the realization of a contract to an individual through which it's agreed, agreed between the parties, usually employer and employee performing a particular job or activity to change which, contracted, will perceive a sum of money stipulated in the negotiation of the conditions, or any other type of compensation negotiated. " The hiring of my brother will be for two months and for the same he will receive a salary of $ 1,800 per month."

The hiring procedure always involves a document known as a contract in which the parties who sign it assume a reciprocal commitment that will have legal value in the legal system in which it's framed.

Contracting can involve legal persons or individuals, while the most common is the one mentioned above lines of labor contracting, in which a public or private company hires an individual to perform a job in exchange for the payment of a Amount of money.

Meanwhile, the concept with which the term contracting is immediately linked is that of contract, since it's thanks to it that contracting acquires formal borders.

The contract, then, is nothing other than the oral or written agreement or agreement, normally signed between two parties, which will be reciprocally bound on the subject matter of the contract.

The contract implies an agreement of wills, as the relationship and their agreement will be duly regulated by the clauses established in the contract and that both parties accepted at the time of signing.

Likewise, a contract will always give rise to the corresponding legal effects, this means that if one of the parties doesn't comply with the part that agreed, the other, of feeling harmed by the omission or non-observance, may initiate the corresponding legal actions to the case.

For example, if the contract in question established that the employment relationship between the company-employee would last for two months and suddenly a month and a half, without any notice, the company decides to arbitrarily terminate the contract, the employee may initiate the company that hired him legal action.

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