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What is FAQ? Sure you have seen them on many websites, but do you know what the term FAQ means and where does it come from? We tell you everything here!

FAQs in English means Frequently Asked Questions, and they are those questions that users repeat very frequently on the web or the digital world to inform us of the operation or the details of something. As for example the questions to choose a laptop

The very question of What is FAQ? that you will have typed in your search engine is a FAQ. We know it and that is why we have this Techie Dictionary entry written for you to solve your doubts.

The FAQ can be considered in two ways: either the most common questions in relation to a product, service or topic; or a section that has most of the different websites or applications that offer services so that users can directly access and solve the most common questions.

In this last sense, when the FAQs are well raised, they are one of the most interesting tools on the internet. If you have a website you should do a good job with the FAQ so that the users who visit it will see all their doubts about the operation of your site resolved before they think it isn't worth it and look for another.

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