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Experience is the fact of having witnessed, felt or known something. Experience is the form of knowledge that is produced from these experiences or observations.

Other uses of the term refer to prolonged practice that provides the ability to do something, the event experienced by a person and the general knowledge acquired by the situations experienced.

For example: "The boss asked me if I had experience in these types of matters and I had to tell him the truth", "The experience gained in ten years of work was vital for success", "The team needs an experienced player able to guide young people ".

One of the areas where the term experience plays a major role is in the workplace. And it's that companies when they start recruitment processes bet, in most cases, to hire those candidates who have extensive experience in the areas they want to cover.

That may be demonstrated in the curriculum through the positions that have previously been held in other entities of a similar nature. In this sense, it must be said that when what is fundamentally valued is experience, it's the professionals who have been working for the longest years who have priority over the youngest who are starting their career.

The human being and some animals have the ability to acquire knowledge from experience. This knowledge is linked to proceeding (knowing how to do something) and to the empirical. Therefore, it's a posteriori knowledge (it is acquired after the experience itself).

The usefulness or value of the experience will depend on each person. Experience is usually associated with maturity or age: the older, the more experience. However, not all older people know how to capitalize on this experience and transform it into useful knowledge.

In the same way, the term in question is also used within the sphere of sexuality. In this case, it's used to refer to the knowledge and skills that anyone has in that field and that they have acquired over time and through the different relationships they have had with one or more people during that field.

However, in this field the word experience is used in the same way to refer to those situations that have never been experienced and that are carried out to discover new types of pleasure or simply to discover sex itself. Thus, for example, when any young man loses his virginity it's said that he has had his first sexual experience.

In everyday language, an experience is a circumstance or an event that, due to its characteristics, is transcendental or worth highlighting in a person's life : "Having lived five years abroad was a very important experience for me", " Suffering a robbery is a traumatic experience for any individual ".

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