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As execution is called the action and effect of executing. Execution, in this sense, refers to the realization or elaboration of something, the performance of an action or task, or the putting into operation of a thing. Thus, one may speak of the execution of a computer program, an audit, a project or a construction site.

On the other hand, when it comes to a musical or scenic work, execution refers to the act of interpreting or representing said artistic piece: "His interpretation of Mozart was magnificent."

In the same way, when we talk about a pictorial work, the word execution refers to the way it was done: "The execution in Velázquez's paintings is always impeccable."

Likewise, there is also the expression "put into execution" means " to execute" or "to carry out".

Execution in Law

In the field of law, enforcement can refer to the judicial procedure by which the assets of a debtor are seized and sold for the payment of their debts. Likewise, an execution may refer to the executive procedure through which the sale of a real estate on which a mortgage weighs is ordered, which occurs as a consequence of the debtor's failure to pay the obligations.

On the other hand, execution can refer to the application of the death penalty or capital punishment to a human being by the State. Likewise, an extrajudicial execution will be one in which a homicide is perpetrated against a person by the public powers, without respect for the legal process.

Execution in Administration

The execution is one of the fundamental functions of the administrative process, together with planning, organization, management and control. As such, execution is the part of the process that involves performing a set of tasks and operations. In this sense, it involves carrying out the activities established in the work plan. The execution is, generally, directed by a supervisor, who is in charge of leading, guiding and assisting the employees in their work.

Execution in Computer Science

In Computer Science, as execution is called any process in which a computer reads and performs the operations established by a program or software.

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