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A distributor is the person or organization that is responsible for selling a product or service. As a general rule, the distributor acts as an intermediary between the producer and the consumer.

The person acting as a distributor is usually in direct contact with merchants with the intention of informing them about consumer goods intended for sale. For this reason, the term distributor is sometimes used as a synonym for representative. In any case, its main function is to inform about the characteristics of a product or service, as well as to carry out a series of procedures and procedures related to this activity (preparation of orders, invoices, promotions, etc.).

Commercial firms that have a considerable volume of production need mediators or distributors who act in a network to promote and sell their goods. In media communication is often the need of these intermediates (looking distributor perfumes, could be an example of a is upcoming ad in this regard).

The distribution companies face the logical competition, something characteristic in a market economy. Two fundamental aspects in this type of entity are the point of sale and the inventory. On the other hand, even if the distributor isn't directly related to the consumer, he needs to know what their demands are in order to satisfy their expectations.

Traditional distribution channels (for example, a point of sale) have been transformed with the new technological reality. The great advantage that has been incorporated is the streamlining of contact with customers and, in another sense, costs have also been reduced considerably. The world of distribution is a good example of the technological revolution in which we find ourselves. The traditional procedures, the documentation used or the control of the stock are some of the aspects that have been modified in the framework of the distribution processes. Online distribution offers multiple advantages to consumers (immediacy, large volume of information and the possibility of making quick comparisons). However, traditional. Regardless of the advantages and disadvantages and the customs of the population, the objective fact is that commercial activity and the entire distribution sector is in a new paradigm. Some companies make the classic sale or distribution compatible with online procedures, two strategies for the same purpose.

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