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We use the concept of dealer to refer to various questions. One of the most widespread uses is given at the behest of the commercial field, since in this it's called a dealer to that company or individual that is dedicated to distributing products with a strict commercial purpose.

Usually these are companies that acquire goods or services and sell them to other companies to obtain a commercial profit and that is why they are often popularly called wholesalers.

However, we must also emphasize that these companies can also sell products to the final consumer public, usually doing so through specific orders or commissions.

The secret of this commercial activity is that the company or individual that is dedicated to it always has available and renewed stock to satisfy the demands of its customers. In the event that this situation is deficient, that is, that the dealer doesn't always have stock, it's likely that it will lose customers who are urged to buy a product that the dealer in question doesn't have and, in case, they acquire it from the competition.

Currently we live in a world that has the possibility of being connected to the internet 24 hours a day, in as much, such a situation, if capitalized as it should be, can be an excellent alternative for the dealer to keep a window open during those 24 hours, displaying in the same through a website all the products available for sale, also with their characteristics and purchase and delivery details.

The online sales capacity that the internet offers today, in addition to maximizing business profits at unthinkable levels, is like having the distribution company open all day. At any time of the day and from any geographic location, even the most distant, a person will be able to purchase products from that dealer that has an online space.

On the other hand, the concept of dealer is used to name that cable that carries an electric current and that connects independent lines with a central.

And also the concept is used in interior design and architecture to name that space of a house or construction that precedes and is the mandatory step to access the rooms. Its main function is to efficiently organize the space and add to the independence of each room.

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