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A consultancy is an organization, a service company, made up of professionals specially trained in a certain area and dedicated to advising companies that carry out their activity in various fields on technical issues.

External services company that offers advice to companies using knowledge in a matter

Likewise, there are consultancies that carry out this work with countries.

Basically it's an external service, that is, companies hire when they need to and not that it's integrated or part of the company itself, while they turn to it when they need to find solutions to various problems that cannot be solved per I know, with the resources available to the company and then it's necessary to hire the external services of someone who does have that knowledge that is normally very specific.

We could also say that it's the assistance that an expert or specialist provides to solve a problem, based exclusively on their experience, knowledge, skills and trade.

The primary mission of this type of service is to analyze the operation of an organization, identify the problems to be solved, and by case, bring possible effective solutions, which it's assumed that knowledge in the area will offer without problems.

And getting into the heart of their work we will say that it's almost always an independent service that guarantees the impartiality of the consultant when it comes to returns and conclusions, a situation that will bring the truth closer to the truth and away from biases.

The service is based on the advice that must be clear and responsible, on the professional suitability and on the availability of vast knowledge on the subject it deals with, because this is a guarantee of offering a reliable and satisfactory solution.

Now, it's essential to say that the client, that is, whoever hires these services must be able to accept the proposals that the consultant brings him or her because otherwise the work will be of no use if he isn't allowed or given the place to comment. what are the problems and how can they be solved.

The consultant will never make decisions, that isn't his job, his intervention is based, as we said, on advice, on bringing together ideas and proposals that improve the organization or solve current problems.

Origin and evolution over time

It should be noted that this activity that we call consulting today isn't something of these modern and evolved times, but that since the most remote times it has been deployed, and there are even so many references in the history of humanity that account for the existence of professionals and individuals who played a guiding and advisory role in various communities of yesteryear.

One of the most representative cases is that of the priests of Ancient Greece who, based on the Oracle of Delphi, a sacred temple dedicated to the cult of the god Apollo, expressed predictions based on the observations they made about natural phenomena that occurred.

But of course, it was only in the 20th century that the activity would be systematized based on defined and characteristic parameters.

Basically, what the consultancy or a team of these characteristics is proposing today is that their knowledge be transmitted in the most satisfactory way possible to those who demand it so that they can achieve success safely.

Almost all areas of work and production can count on companies that are dedicated to meeting the demands of knowledge and trained professionals, who advise and review their work in some way, such is the case of logistics, communication, and engineering companies.

For example, in communication, it's in one of the contexts in which we most often find these organizations dealing especially with the description and analysis of communications within an institution.

Generally, what a communication consultant does is evaluate and analyze the communication of the company and then, based on the successes and failures found in the plan, it will outline a new proposal that improves and solves those problems presented in the task.

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