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Meeting of people or individuals debating on certain points or issues, the word conference refers to the name used to refer to a meeting for the purpose of discussion, dissemination or exchange of ideas or knowledge for a conference to be effective, the attendance of two or more people.

In general, conferences are advertising strategies to inform and launch brands or products on the market, this when we talk about the Marketing branch, it also becomes a public dissertation on scientific, philosophical, literary or business matters. In a conference, the set of verbal contributions that a group of individuals transmit to deal with some point or business is appreciated. In this, the key point is the development of a confrontation of ideas from different branches (scientific, medicinal, philosophical, political, educational or any other point of interest).

The organization for this type of meeting is formal and planned, and for its informative development the presence of exhibitors (specialists) and the interested public (opponents and competitors, citizens and representatives of civil society ) for the information is of vital importance. that they will provide in it. Some conferences are held annually or biannually and because of their time they are called (permanent conferences). The points that they treat in this type of conferences are habitually evaluated and questioned; It should be noted that the companies or companies that hold permanent conferences as a matter of order maintain a numbering in Roman numerals for each of these conferences held.

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