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A complaint is an expression of pain or grief. The complaint can also express unease, disagreement, anger or resentment: "I'm going to call the manager and express my complaint about the bad attention received", "I'm tired of having to listen to customer complaints", "Your mother always has some complaint to make ", " I congratulated him for the service, the truth is that I have no complaints. "

Known as book of complaints, complaints book or sheet of claims to the document that is available to consumers so that they can record a complaint about a product or service: the owner of the local "Lord, at this time not find, but you can express your claim in our complaint book ", " I want the claim sheet delivered to me immediately ".

There is an official complaint sheet, approved by the public administration, which allows the expression of complaints and complaints by consumers. These documents impose obligations on companies and premises that serve the public.

It's important to establish that, in some countries, you can also file a complaint with the Public Administration for neglect, irregular treatment or delay in service and processing. In this case, it can be presented both in person, by post or even online. The latter refers to filing the complaint using the means established through the Internet.

The personal data of the person presenting the aforementioned complaint, the signature of that complaint, as well as the specific object that has led him to carry out this action are the essential questions that the document presented must have so that it can be accepted and processed in the appropriate way. In this case, it must be emphasized that a period of twenty calendar days is established for the competent authority to take the measures and carry out the appropriate tasks in this regard.

Within the scope of Law there are various types of resources and actions that use the term complaint that we are now analyzing. Thus, for example, a claim is called that, before the competent judicial body, is made by the heirs of a deceased person with the clear objective that that person carry out the invalidation of the will when considering that it violates what they are the forced rights of those.

In the same way, we also have to underline the existence of which complaint is used in the field of Law to refer to the accusation that is made before the judge and that is part of a process that is being carried out against those who have committed a crime.

The complaint appeal is one that a court files against the invasion of powers by the administrative authorities. This appeal can also be brought before a higher court against the reluctance of a lower one to accept an appeal or other appeal.

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