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The name of coach is the one applied to those people who perform the role of guides for different activities, who train a person and put their knowledge into practice through teaching. The term is currently applied mainly to those people who perform through physical activities and who train people to acquire a certain physical state.

As its name implies, the coach fulfills the function of coach or to put a person in conditions to carry out a certain physical activity. The preparation depends on the type of activity in question but it's always necessary that elements such as perseverance, demand, competence, commitment and others are given that help the results to be better. The training can be very hard in some cases but whenever it's a question of physical training, the tests to be carried out will serve to increase the resistance and the adaptation of the body to such activity.

The role of the coach is essential in the act of preparing or practicing a physical activity. This is so because it's the person who orders the type of activity or exercise to be carried out, but in addition, and principally, it's the person who guides those who train according to professional knowledge and also according to the specific needs of each type. of person. At present the figure of the personal trainer or personal trainer as it's known in English is very common since it's that person who is exclusively dedicated to individual and personalized training on someone who wants to make some specific type of change or training. In general, personal trainers tend to be very expensive in terms of fees due precisely to this exclusivity and almost complete dedication.

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