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The blogger concept refers to the person who writes a blog and is practically professionally engaged in starting it up.

A blogger starts in this profession because he feels passion for it. Normally the initiates do it in an amateur way to later specialize in the sector in which they write and become professionals in that area.

Being a blogger is a profession of the XXI century, since with the boom of new technologies it became fashionable to launch this type of spaces that can be divided into professional or personal.

Steps to create a blog

There are several steps to create a blog:

- Define your objectives and goals with the creation of the blog. Do you want to write for the mere fact of having a hobby or to monetize it?
- Identify your readers. If you want to get serious about having a blog and getting users to read you, discover your potential audience! Having readers will make your blog grow much more and that you can live from it in the future if you propose it as a priority objective. Of course, working on the content and other marketing strategies to make it known.
- Talk about a topic that you master. If you like cinema and you are a specialist in it, choose that topic to develop your content. It will be much easier for you to talk about something that you master. If, on the other hand, you decide to open a blog with a topic that is little known to you (it isn't recommended), research and train yourself to demonstrate your knowledge.
- If yours is serious, expand your brand image and work with it. It's important to make yourself known and take care of how you want to transmit your image to redirect people to your blog and they end up reading you.
- Organize a content strategy so that you never go blank and you can be clear about what you are going to offer your readers at all times. An editorial calendar will always help you to have a mental order to write.
- Are you going to sell something on your blog? Services, Ebook, products….You can choose what you decide to sell to start monetizing it and being able to live off your blog.
- Bring your value. There are many blogs on very similar topics, you have to leave your mark, your contribution of value so that readers stay with you and don't go to other pages.

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