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Business activity is started with a priority objective: the search for a profit. And the benefit is the final result obtained by the difference between the income obtained and the expenses generated.

Making a profit requires a complex business strategy. You have to know the market related to the product or service to be sold in depth. It's necessary to know the competing entities. You have to make an initial investment and draw up an action plan. The communication and marketing are important elements in the overall structure. These aspects are simply means to make the profit as large as possible.

Normally a part of the profits goes back to the entity that created them, making investments so that the business mechanics continue.

While the main objective is profit, the volume of expenses is no less important, since both factors are related. It's common to hear entrepreneurs who say that if it isn't possible to increase income, you have to reduce expenses.

The concept of profit isn't only applicable to the economy. It makes sense to say that we have benefited from something when we consider that we have a final gratification, and that it may simply be to feel better. In this sense, profit is always related to the completion of something. Business is taking stock each year and the result is a specific level of benefits. The same thing happens personally; we do something and at the end we assess whether or not there has been a specific benefit. It even happens that the benefits are considered as advantages of something that are opposed to disadvantages. They talk about the benefits of quitting smoking, those that are obtained with healthy habits, those of the effort of students... These advantages that are achieved are beneficial, but there is a price to pay for it.

One of the meanings of the term that we analyze here has a different assessment. It happens when something is done not for one's own benefit but for that of another person or entity. They are charitable actions. In them, the action carried out causes a double return, since by giving to others you have the feeling of having won something at the same time.

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